Goal Centered Hybrid Programs

Change how you do fitness!

The Value of Militia can be found in 4 MAIN areas:

1) Unique Programs Tailored to Your Goals
2) The Most Welcoming Community
3) Professional Team Leaders
4) Awesome Facilities!

The Militia Community

Progressing without a support unit is VERY difficult.  You will find that support here.

Team Leaders

For the People by the People!  All Militia TL's are extremely relatable, and are recruited from our dedicated family of members. Then trained to the highest standard.   

What People Are Saying About Militia Fitness

Genuine, educated, and motivating staff. I actually want to go to the gym, enjoy it while I'm there and feel great afterward! They also helped me with a shoulder issue that I'd given up on and just started avoiding anything overhead.


Militia  Fitness  Core  Values

This place is amazing! Every staff member is on point and the facilities are nice! Really great bond in this gym between customers and the trainers.. love it!


Welcome to the militia!

What else?!?

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You're going to love it, but don't take our word for it!